Triangle Synchro

Synchro! Ice Skating’s Favorite Team Sport

Synchronized Skating (or “synchro”) is a fast-growing figure-skating specialty that combines the strength and skill of singles skating with the artistry of pairs skating and ice dancing. Recognized as a US national and international competitive sport, there is a push by the International Skating Union to find a place for 12-member synchro teams to compete in the 2026 Olympics. 

Synchronized skating offers a fun environment in which to enhance the strength, coordination, flexibility, and grace of ice skating with the additional benefits of a team sport. The team aspect of synchro offers the opportunity for skaters to experience team camaraderie, increase self-confidence through teamwork, build a “good sportsmanship” mentality, create lifelong friendships, and broaden perspectives through the possibility of travel to regional and national competitions.

Jordan Alexander, Former Team USA Skater and Synchronized Skating Consultant, highlights the benefits of joining a synchro team : 

“When a team has to be ‘synchronized’ to succeed, everyone’s contributions are equally needed and appreciated. This is different from other team sports where you can still have one or two strong players that carry a team. In synchronized skating, athletes learn early on that collaboration is key and that working together is more important than trying to stand out.”

She emphasizes that synchronized skating provides,“A community. You meet people that share your same passion but will have different experiences and perspectives.”

Introducing Triangle Synchro

The Triangle Synchronized Skating Team (“Triangle Synchro”) was recently formed in affiliation with the Triangle Figure Skating Club. Triangle Synchro, based in the Raleigh area of North Carolina, is a nationally competitive team that seeks to build a love for the sport, highly-skilled athletes, and to make a positive impact through good sportsmanship, achievement, and comaradarie at all levels of skating.

The 2023-2024 coaching staff consists of David McGrouther, Team USA Synchro Coach, Junior Team, and Michelle Christie, US National Synchro Champion, Senior.

Triangle Synchro’s 2023-2024 Season

Triangle Synchro currently has a developmental Prejuvenile synchro team.  A Prejuvenile (PJ) team is made up of 8-20 skaters who are 17 years or younger and have passed the pre-preliminary moves in the field test.

2023-2024 Competition Results for the Prejuvenile Team

• South Atlantic Synchro Open: 4th place (30.61)

• USFSA Eastern Sectional Synchro Championship: TBD

• Reflections Synchro Invitational: TBD


Give Synchro a Try!

To learn more about synchronized skating or to join one of our teams, contact us at

Note: to join Triangle Synchro, you’ll need to be a member of Triangle Figure Skating Club. See our membership page for the options! 

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