Junior Advisory Council

The Junior Advisory Council is made up of local teen figure skaters who are working to create a unified skating community alongside the TFSC board. We hope to connect with our fellow skaters throughout the various rinks in the Triangle area as well as connecting with the general public through organizing fundraisers, volunteering, and social events.

Most importantly, JAC wants to create a sense of community among skaters while having fun doing the sport that we are all passionate about.

The JAC is a perfect way for skaters to get involved off the ice and form connections with fellow skaters from all over the Triangle.

If you are interested in joining the JAC for the 2023-2024 year, it is open to all TFSC members over the age of 13. Please check out our website and Instagram: @tfsc_jac for more information and our application.

Hope you guys join!!

Junior Advisory Council having Fun

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