Aspire membership options 

To access the Aspire program and/or the Aspire FS Club Ice you need to be a member of the club. Here are the options: 

Team Triangle membership  $40 

For the skater that is not intending to start testing before July 1 2024. 

A LTS USA membership with the same number as your rink membership. This will make you a member of our club and you can choose if you want to represent the rink or Team Triangle at competitions. 

Aspire membership  $80

For the skater that is not yet a member of TFSC and USFS and will be ready test their first USFS test before July 1 2024. 

This includes a Team Triangle membership to the club until June 1 2023. (see above) 

On June 1 2023 we will register the skater as an introductory skater for Triangle FSC and a introductory member of USFS for the 23/24 season. 

From June 1 2023 and on you will be representing TFSC at competitions and will be able to take USFS test. You will be a full member of USFS with access to everything that entails. Once we do the registration you will get a welcome e-mail from USFS with log -in information to their website. Please make sure we got everything correct on you profile right away. 

This membership will also give you your first testing fee complements of TFSC. 

Introductory membership $80 

First year full TFSC and USFS members get a slight discount on their membership fee. 

If you sign up with this now you will need to renew with a full membership on June 30 2023 at the latest. 

This is membership is included in the option above starting June 1 and will last you until June 30 2024.  If you need a USFS membership before June 1 to test this is the option you need to choose instead of the Aspire one. 

If you have two skaters in the family going for this option the second membership will be $45. Choose additional introductory $45. 

Junior/Senior membership $150 

Full membership of TFSC and USFS. 

Collegiate membership $110

If you are enrolled at a college or university you can sign up for a 4-year collegiate membership. This is a full USFS membership only discounted to encourage you to keep skating while in school. 

Family membership $205 

First family member pays $205. Second additional member and on,  pays $45. 

Parent memberships $25

Please note that all members under the age of 18 will need a parent to sign up as a member as well. 

Non-skating parent is free and just makes you a member of the club. 

If you are planning on volunteering your time to the sport as a chaperone or team leader you need to sign up as a USFS volunteer. This will get you registered as member of USFS and will require that you take the SkateSafe training provided through your USFS memberprofile.

To learn more about our Aspire Program, click here

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