Club Governance


Meet Our Board of Directors

The TFSCNC board of directors is responsible for managing club business in accordance with the club's bylaws. The board members are volunteers from our community who serve our club membership and help to promote the sport of figure skating.


Board terms are three years, and board members also serve as the officers for the club.


Please contact the board members through the club's email address:


Board Member (Class)
Officer Position
Malin Zandelin (A) President/Test Chair
Rebecca Martin (A) First Vice President
Danielle Donaldson (C) Second Vice President
Brean Prefontaine (B) Treasurer
Danielle Donaldson (C) Membership Chair
Gail Rowland (B) Secretary
Jacqueline Puztay (B) Member at Large - Rink Representative and Public Events Liaison
Analia Wehe-Lehmann (C) Event Committee (Live test sessions, competitions and events LOC
Kelli Hambleton (A) Junior Board Chair



Agents of Triangle Figure Skating Club
Letitia Hazel-Lindsay, MD SkateSafe Compliance Chair
Alex Lehmann, CPA
615 Oberlin Rd
Raleigh, NC 27605
Finance and CPA
American Specialty Insurance
7609 W Jefferson Blvd, Suite 100
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46804

Why are there different classes of directors?


The expiration of our board members' terms are staggered to best ensure that we have experienced board members in office who can mentor our newer board members.


Terms for board members expire as follows:  Class A - June 30, 2025;  Class B - June 30, 2024; Class C - June 30, 2023.


The By-Laws for Triangle Figure Skating Club have recently been updated.  Please review the By-Laws to stay current on our governance structure.


Minutes from the Board Meetings of the past 2 years are available here for viewing.  Access is limited to current club members.




Thank you for contributing to the TFSC document management system.